Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Panic!

Big brown box, beautiful dollhouse on the front. I open the box, the tips section says in big letters "Don't panic". Then in my panic, which I said I wouldn't have, I couldn't find any directions. Of course they were there between two perfectly lazer cut pieces of the house.

It's so funny that trepidation can make you wait and wait to begin a new adventure. The dollhouse in the box, tucked away in the corner staring at me, is to be a sideline of fun in my days of creating other kinds of art. Some of the things I do will go right along with this. Glasswork, polymer clay and silver will be great additions, but, do I have the technical ability to actually construct a house? We will see. I also have a granddaughter who, although not liking dolls, loves putting things together so she will be an eager participant.